Becoming a good manager can be a dream job for some people. Picture an ideal scenario where you are managing a team, being a leader, delegating work and getting the best results from yourself and your team… Sounds great, right?

Good management, however, is also an extremely complex task where a person is required to manage the expectations of their team, as well as of their own bosses, for whom they are the single point of contact. Additionally, management jobs don’t usually come with a lot of training because there’s no one-way of doing it right. So whether you were promoted internally or brought in from the outside, you are expected to hit the ground running and start fulfilling expectations almost immediately! Here are 5 habits of successful managers across the world, and are a good place to start to improve your managerial abilities.

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A Successful Manager Leads From The Front

Leadership capability is one of the most important qualities of a good manager. A manager must be able to lead the team with effective communication skills, set achievable goals in reasonable time-spans, monitor their progress, and provide relevant feedback that helps the team improve. While certain leadership qualities are inherent in people, training yourself to become a leader can certainly be beneficial. There are several different kinds of leaders in the world, finding out the type of leader you are and then learning from the experience of such leaders can put you on the path of growth.
A Successful Manager Manages Time Well
A manager’s job is always a race against time, but just like other good habits of a successful manager, they must be able to make the most out of their time. A manager is routinely pulled into many directions, whether it is a strategy discussion with the seniors, or a reporting discussion with their team. A good manager must therefore learn how to prioritize; delegate and follow-up with various stakeholders; then also have time to spare for a pep talk or motivation discussion with their team.

A Successful Manager Is A Good Communicator

Effective communication is one skill a manager can’t afford to be bad at. In a typical day, a manager is expected to communicate their expectations and feedback to the team, results to superiors, and daily updates to peers and partners. None of these activities will be effective if the manager is not able to listen and express views clearly without ambiguity. Along with good communication skills, it is also important to facilitate communications and pose questions, all without turning people against you.
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A Successful Manager Strategizes For The Long Term

While many of a manager’s typical tasks may be transactional in nature, such as ensuring completion of smaller tasks, focus should always be on the long term strategies. It is extremely important for a manager’s personal growth within the organization to get involved in long term strategy discussions, as managers are best equipped to know market requirements as well as internal abilities of the company.

A Successful Manager Is Capable Of Handling Stress

Make no mistake about it – a manager’s job is highly stressful because of the number of stakeholders involved, the number of tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis, and the generally variable nature of work that most managers have to deal with. In such situations, stress is common and can very adversely affect the productivity of both managers and the team. It is imperative for a manager to be able to plan activities and relax between tasks to always be at their best. It also very important for a good manager to be able to absorb the stress from top management and not let it pass on to the team.

A managerial position in a company is prestigious and is another step towards growth and development, both personal and professional.

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