The corporate world is a big race, where each employee wants to outdo the other to move up quickly within their career. Every ambitious employee now needs to do more than just their assigned roles and responsibilities for growth and success within organizations. Skill development and qualifications are an important part of the corporate culture, but for quick growth or easy promotion, this is largely incomplete without perception and image management.

Growth in a corporate culture is often associated with taking on a managerial position, where one or more employees report to you and you’re responsible for managing their work, activities, and goals as well as your own. Career growth can typically be categorized into 3 phases:

  1. Complete tasks to meet the expectations of your superiors.
  2. Collaborate and work with your team members to achieve business objectives.
  3. Lead & manage team to achieve business goals.
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Your growth within an organization is your responsibility, not that of your boss or HR Manager. Here are a few things you can do to increase your pace towards success within a company.

Stay On Top Of Your Role And Responsibilities

Before we move into more complicated tips, the first thing that you need to do is ensure that all the tasks that are assigned to you are finished on schedule. This demonstrates a good attitude and commitment level towards the company and is a sure-fire way for easy promotion. Before taking on additional duties, learn time management and be in control of the tasks that come as a part of your role. By doing this, you can gain the trust of your manager, who knows they can rely on you to complete the necessary work.

Upgrade Your Skill Set

Most professions are based upon technologies and techniques that are updated on a regular basis. To truly set yourself apart from your colleagues in similar roles and grow professionally, add to your skillsets by taking additional training/courses related to the skills that your field demands and your company appreciates. Online educational portals and marketplaces like in are now providing professionals an easy and convenient way to develop their skillsets while working full time.
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Manage Time and Stress

Stress & Time Management are two key skills that one must definitely master for growth or promotion in an organization. These skillsets truly differentiate between regular and very successful employees. Modern corporate culture is dynamic, have tight deadlines, and can be very stressful. If you’re able to do time management and allot some time for personal development and additional tasks, you’ll be able to exceed expectations. Stress often pulls us down, makes us negative and severely affects productivity. While stress is inevitable, it can be managed and its effects can be curbed by well-practiced and documented techniques. An employee that doesn’t get too stressed and can manage their time effectively is unstoppable!
Networking is possibly the most important skill for quick growth. The importance of building connections, within the organization and outside cannot be stressed enough. People with connections are often known as doers – people who are able to get things done. Having connections not only makes your own position stronger when you’re trying to switch jobs or roles, it can also help you getting things done in addition to boosting your growth in an organization. Networking aides in taking bigger & more strategic roles and increases chances for a promotion.

Get Into Managerial Roles

In the Corporate World, one key way of making yourself indispensable is taking on managerial roles. The ability to manage time as well as teams and drive them towards achieving their goals is still one of the most sought after skills that could advance your rapid growth in an organization. You should therefore always volunteer for leadership opportunities, perform well at them by managing your team, and keep working towards showcasing yourself as someone who can manage time and other people as well. In a typical Corporate Culture, once you’re able to take on managerial roles, your promotion is very likely to hit the fast lane!

While a lot of what is required for growth comes from within a person, it can surely be supplemented by structured courses that are now available to improve every aspect of your personality and work, right from skill development to networking and managerial ability. betterU has several self-paced and instructor-led courses from leading international institutes that can help you develop your technical skills, personality, leadership  and management.