Exams, because of their sheer ability to determine futures, are given a lot of importance and are also a common source of stress for school children and their parents alike. While the ability of marks and exams to be the absolute quantifier of a kid’s talents is up for debate, their importance in deciding your young one’s career is well established.

Exams are the end result and the one chance for a child to showcase whatever they have learned in class, and the gravity of them often makes school kids struggle and not perform up to their potential. However, a few simple tips and the will to do well is all that’s needed to succeed at exams. Here’s how.

Studying Starts Now, Not Tomorrow

We get to the biggest problem with exams right at the beginning – procrastination. The biggest reason why kids are unable to do well at exams is that they start preparing too late, and that leads to unnecessary hurrying, careless mistakes, stress, and frustration. Schools often have fixed schedules for months, and the first thing that you should do is help your child start preparing well in advance by dedicating a fixed amount of time for each subject everyday so that by the time they hit the month before the exams, they’ve already had a first reading and understanding of all the concepts and can directly move to advanced tasks such as self-testing and working on areas which they are not very confident in.

Set A Study Schedule

A lack of direction and too many distractions are extremely detrimental to your master plan of conquering your exams. As soon as the school provides the exam time table, help your child create a proper daily study schedule that becomes more intensive as exams approach. It’s important to dedicate time to each subject everyday – it also helps keep your child’s interests piqued rather than studying the same thing over and over again. The best way to study is to have concentrated study sessions lasting about 40 – 45 minutes followed by short breaks which can be dedicated to snacking, relaxing or even quick naps.
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Create A Study Space

When your child is having an exam, it’s imperative that you create the most conducive environment at your house for studying and exam preparation. This means finding a quiet area in the house that is devoid of distractions such as television, music and family discussions. Sensitize the family to try and let the child have it a little easy so that she can concentrate on the preparation. Having a designated area in the house also allows the child to get into the right mindset for studying as the body and mind get accustomed to associating certain spaces with certain tasks. Ensure that the area is well lit and ventilated, and keep healthy snacks and lots of water handy!

Don’t Shy Away From Learning Aids

By now, the ability of learning aids, and especially those enabled by technology is well accepted by schools and parents alike, and therefore you shouldn’t hold your child back from benefiting from them. Reading from books throughout the day can get dull and children might tend to be unable to concentrate. Substituting reading material for interactive content such as online videos and specially designed courses can work as a great tool to enhance your child’s learning experience and will also encourage them to understand rather than cram things.

Simulate The Test Experience With Self-Testing

Knowing what to write in an exam is just one part of the picture – being able to time yourself to answer the most important questions to maximize your results is a second and key component of it. This is where timed self-testing comes in. With more and more competitive examinations moving towards the objective-type questions format – speed and accuracy are becoming increasingly critical. As a parent, you can begin by framing questions and conducting the first level of testing offline to help your child simulate the exam experience and then slowly move towards more professional methods. Check out our website to find the right self-testing mechanism for your child.

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Backup School Learning With Online Courses

If you keep close tabs on your child’s performance through the year, you’ll be able to help her identify areas that might need extra work. Upon identifying these areas, it will help to backup what your child is studying in school with subject or topic specific online courses. Taking them up proactively will avoid stress close to the exam time and also enable your child to grow and score in a holistic manner rather than having only one or two areas of strength. betterU provides KG – Grade 12 subject specific online courses from top education providers for your children – start leveraging them now! In the end, it is important to understand that while you’re probably also stressed out about your child’s performance and future, it is critical that you don’t pass the stress on to the child. Instead, be supportive, talk to them, help them look forward to school, inculcate reading into their daily schedules, and help them stay healthy while they work towards developing a better future for themselves!