17 05, 2018

How To Study Effectively for Your CBSE Exam Online

Every year, almost 28 lakh students write a CBSE Class 10 or Class 12 exam. Even though over 80% of students pass, the overall pass mark criteria is only 33%. You want to do more than just pass. You definitely want to be on the toppers list, but aren't sure the best way to study. Have you found yourself searching for an online assessment test or online exam practice version of your exam? Do [...]

23 01, 2017

6 Things Every Kid Should Do for Success in School Exams

Exams, because of their sheer ability to determine futures, are given a lot of importance and are also a common source of stress for school children and their parents alike. While the ability of marks and exams to be the absolute quantifier of a kid’s talents is up for debate, their importance in deciding your [...]

20 12, 2016

Inculcating the Habit of Reading in Kids

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”, is a popular idiom. It is also the motivation behind most parents wanting to inculcate the habit of reading in their kids. However, in the modern age of distractions galore, it’s easier said than done, and is a common source of pain and complaints [...]

14 11, 2016

How to Make Your Child Look Forward to School

As an adult, most of us spend time reminiscing about the wonderful times we had at school. It then comes as a surprise when your child doesn’t share any of your enthusiasm about going to school. The key here is to remember your own childhood, and you’ll realize that until a certain age, school wasn’t [...]