Once you’ve made the decision to take an online learning course, you are already on the path to success. However, E-learning can be tricky waters to navigate, and though it sounds simpler and more convenient than traditional learning, it requires a lot more planning and management on the part of the learner. Here are some tips for you to have smooth sailing and a successful voyage into the world of online education.

Choose a Good Program

Obviously, the word “good” has many meanings. In this context, it applies to the general attributes of what educators deem solid traits of viable online courses. For example, you should not enroll in a course that uses instructor-to-student e-mail as a sole communication vehicle to send lecture notes for you to read and tests to take and return. A good online learning course has multiple components: regional accreditation for degree-seeking students, knowledgeable and experienced online instructors, adequate computer infrastructure, class discussion areas, stated course objectives, a syllabus and student-based feedback for course improvement.

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Know your Peers

Getting to know your other class members, either by attending any face-to-face sessions or by communicating with them for online study is always a good idea. Share your ideas, ask your questions and respond to others. Not only will that make E-learning much more fun, but you will also benefit from it a lot. Use technology to share, collaborate, discuss and practice.

Develop a Study Plan

In order to be successful in your online studies, it is best to make a study plan. This study plan will help you to determine when, where, and how you will do your online study. Below are some of the questions that you may want to answer in your study plan.

  • When will I study?
  • Where will I study? (home/office)
  • How many hours a week can I commit to my online study?
  • What are competing priorities in my life? How can I work around these?
  • When will I evaluate my study plan to see if it is working?
Your Learning Space

In advance of enrolling in an online course, it is a good idea to set up a learning space. Make sure that you have all materials and supplies needed, including your computer. Keep your papers and documents related to the course in this location. Make sure that it is a comfortable and well-lit space that supports your E-learning experience.

Getting Support

It is important for us all to be supported in our learning endeavors whether face-to-face or online. Before beginning an online learning course, it is a good idea to approach your family and employer to let them know that you are planning to take an online course. Let them know how long you will be involved in the course and what you expect from them. You’ll find that getting their support early in the game makes it that much easier for you to be an effective learner.

Managing Your Time

If you have ever participated in E- learning, you know that time seems to go much faster. Before you know it, it’s been three hours! One important skill before taking up an online learning course is learning to manage your time first. Here is a list of tips for managing your time effectively so that you have time for all the things you want to do:

  • Make a list. Create a checklist of things that you need to accomplish and check them off as they are completed.
  • Set reminders. Allocate a set amount of time for a specific task and then use an alarm to alert you when you have almost used up your time.
  • Delegate. Don’t feel while you are learning online that you have to do everything for everyone.
  • Make time for offline activities. Make note of these at the beginning of the course and plan accordingly for them.
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When we sign up for online learning course, we are excited at the beginning but as the weeks progress, motivation can diminish. When this occurs, remind yourself of the reason you enrolled in the first place. Realize that you are doing this to improve your skills and to provide better services. Remind yourself that you can do this. We expect people to juggle the stress of learning and working; experiencing this for yourself will also make you more empathetic towards what others are going through.

We wish you all the luck for your online education / E-Learning journey! Check out betterU for the best online courses from top international institutes.