Various factors come into play when it comes to business success. Positive communication is a crucial element of business development; entrepreneurs and employers who do not acknowledge this fact often fail to maximize their business’ potential for improvement. Simply put, positive communication should be a top priority if you want to attain success.

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Clear communication is the key to diminishing conflict and getting everyone on the same page. Good communication is the oil that keeps the workplace machine running smoothly. Effective Communication skills is having the ability to listen carefully, speak clearly and put others at ease which is valuable in any organization and can involve a wide range of skills:

  • Listening attentively to others and showing interest in everything they say
  • Dealing with telephone conversations in an appropriate manner
  • Encouraging interest and interaction from others in your team
  • Expressing an opinion or asking a question clearly and concisely
  • Being able to persuade others of your line of reasoning

Hansen Communication Lab developed the concept of the 5 C’s of communication, which are the following: articulate clearly; speak correctly; be considerate; give compliments; and have confidence. These 5 C’s of communication are designed to help individuals communicate effectively in personal relationships and in the workplace.

These are the key areas where effective communication skills play an important role in business.

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Employee Job Satisfaction

A happy employee is a productive employee. Communication, a two-way street, is necessary for employees to feel empowered. The ideal environment is one where information flows upward, from the entry level positions to their superiors, and vice versa. Employees can give feedback freely to managers without fear of reprisal, while managers provide their direct reports including coaching required for professional growth. This will result in higher employee satisfaction and they are more likely to stay with the company.

Strong Business Relationships

At the heart of every strong business relationship lies the ability to be a good communicator. Without this component, it would be difficult to forge lasting partnerships based on trust and transparency. Within your organization, meanwhile, the ability to weave your core values and your overall vision into every aspect of your operations is what brings everyone together towards achieving a common goal. People subsequently feel motivated to be involved in decision making and contribute ideas for continuous improvement.

Team Development

Capable communicators have the power to boost employee morale, manage change, and enhance team cohesion. Positive communication also enables workers to resolve conflict with greater ease, thereby minimizing risks to the organization. As an added benefit, effective internal communication skills can contribute to a good work ethic among your staff and remind them of the company’s goals and vision. Team development encourages employees to view their colleagues as compatriots at the workplace instead of competitors.

Organizational Growth

Attrition, absenteeism, poor customer service, and even negligence can all stem from poor communication in relation to company policies and procedures. By equipping key personnel with the essential & effective communication skills, you can help protect your company from various internal and external threats.

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