If you think the process of cracking an interview begins with the interview itself, you couldn’t be more wrong! The demand for jobs is much higher than their availability, especially for coveted job posts such as design, marketing, analytics and technology solutions.

For most jobs, the onus of landing you face to face time with the organization lies on your CV, a document that chronicles almost your entire life and tells the recruiter why they should consider you. This makes your CV probably the most important document in your entire work life, and it deserves more attention to help you land that interview for the job you’ve always been dreaming of! Here are some ways you can make your CV stand out from the clutter.

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Keep It Simple and Readable

This is the most important and key thing for any candidate to remember. Your CV is not a document that a recruiter will be reading at leisure – chances are that they will just be glancing through it – putting their diagonal reading skills to great use. In such a situation, it is extremely important to structure your CV, use simple fonts, and a great flow peppered with important keywords that piques the interviewer’s interest into reading further.

Most people will try to highlight certain elements in the CV that they want the recruiter to notice – and while this is a good practice, you must not do this by using a different font or breaking the flow of the entire document! Just because Microsoft Word gives you a plethora of fancy fonts doesn’t mean you use them in your CV. Focus on making it simple and free of any grammatical and spelling errors!

Tailor Your CV to Fit the Job

Most people put in a lot of effort into designing a CV, get too attached to it and refuse to change anything in it. A generic CV is what the name suggests – regular and uninteresting. For example, though we spoke about keeping the CV simple and easy to read – it completely depends upon the industry and the job you’re looking at, and at times you may need multiple versions of your CV! A creative designer applying for a UX job may have a simple CV but a creative designer applying to an agency would benefit from an innovative approach where she’s able to showcase her design skills as well as her creativity! Your objective, experience, and achievements sections are great places to customize your CV to showcase relevant experience, skills, and life goals.

Get and Showcase Relevant Skills

In today’s competitive world, you are competing with many people who will have the same education background, degrees and basic skills as you. How do you stand out in such a situation? By getting and showcasing your skills in your CV! For example, if you’re an MBA applying for a Digital Marketing position – then having a Digital Marketing Certification from a reputed institution such as Udemy, edX or more at betterU will give you an edge over your competitor who could be of the exact same background, education and experience level as you! So figure out the industry you’re in, the courses and skills appreciated by recruiters in that industry, and then apply and get them! betterU provides 8500+ courses and certifications across various subjects and areas.

Optimize Your CV for Keywords

Do you know why Search Engine Optimization works for businesses? It’s because keywords help them capture and show users exactly what they’re looking for. As per a CNN report, 51% of all resumes are processed by a tracking scheme or software that detects keywords. Therefore, you must optimize your CV with keywords – both industry and general skills related. For example, if you’re applying for sales jobs, you can use sales industry specific terms such as “sales manager”, “warehouses”, “retail channels”, etc. The best place to look for keywords is the job description itself. Including keywords works well both for software or a human scanning your CV – because those keywords show that you know what you’re in for.

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Quantify Your Achievements

All of us have or create achievements to embellish our CVs, and therefore you can expect the next person to have just as many as you. However, one way to stand out from the competition is by quantifying your achievements, because numbers are much more attractive than sentences or words, and will get the recruiter more interested in you. It might even give you a few things to talk about in the interview. When we say quantifying, let’s assume that you drove an ROI improvement in your previous organization, then your CV should definitely mention this in quantitative fashion, such as “Drove an ROI reduction of 10% in my previous organization. Wherever possible, use numbers and percentages to help your achievements stand out!

Creating a great CV that stands out is just the first step towards landing your dream job. Head over to the Career Development Courses section at betterU to get more helpful courses and tips on how to take your career in the right direction and succeed at your objectives!