The growth of the information technology sector is outpacing that of most other industry sectors. In fact, most sectors are now dependent upon the growth of IT and its sister sectors to drive productivity improvements and innovation.

Because of this relentless pace of growth, professionals looking to establish themselves in the IT sector face the constant challenge of being left behind and unable to compete with all the new talent being attracted to the sector because of the growth opportunities. IT certifications are a great way for the really serious candidates to establish themselves and be preferred over competitors. The ready availability of online certification courses in India is also making it easy for professionals to take up these certifications at their convenience and stay ahead in their career. The right certifications can lead to chances of getting better appraisals, salary hikes, promotions and wider job opportunities. 

When one thinks IT certifications, one of the first names that pops up is ITIL – one of the most globally well-accepted certifications by IT service providers and seekers alike. Getting the right certification courses in ITIL can open up a lot of job opportunities in India and abroad.

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What is ITIL? Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL certified employees are so much in demand because ITIL can help improve the management practices of the firm. This foundation framework is widely accepted by companies all over the world. Right from keeping the consistency of customer service, to the management of the business on the whole, for the best of IT practices and systems, ITIL has been globally accepted for decades. ITIL came into existence as a set of books citing the standards and best practice recommendations for better operations in IT services of businesses. From the late 1980’s since ITIL was introduced, this library has gained unbeatable popularity thanks to the success rate and is now used by some of the most successful companies worldwide. Businesses big and small can benefit from incorporating ITIL framework. This helps them improve their current practices. Some of the major companies that have seen tremendous growth in their path with the incorporation of ITIL are Caterpillar, Microsoft, Boeing, IBM and many more. 

Consolidating the benefits that ITIL offers to the organizations:

  1. Better service: ITIL standards have been proven to be effective for years. When service providers implement proven success strategies, this can help them offer consistent quality in service and thus emerge as reliable companies.
  2. Better customer relationship: With better service offered every time, the enterprises that have ITIL practices can build better customer relationships. ITIL helps companies put customer service on the front seat and focus on it.
  3. Fine tuning the supply chain: When a standardization is in place, it gives way for evaluating the current practices and working towards a successful model. With the reduction in management risks and support costs, managements would be able to tweak their supply chain effectively.
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ITIL practices also make the firm more agile and stable to easily adapt to changes in the market. This gives a competitive edge in stabilizing the growth of the business. Unlike project management, ITIL does not revolve around projects. It is more about better IT services. Which aspect of ITIL practices you choose to implement for your business would depend entirely on your requirement. This is because ITIL incorporation can be done gradually in stages.

ITIL Certification: Who Is It For?

Taking into consideration the processes in the IT division of the company and making it better is the crux of the certification. Both mid-level and senior employees can take up ITIL certifications. If you have been in the business sector and planning a switch to the IT services, then ITIL certification can help you. Even IT consultants find this certification a good step in advancing in their career. Even the beginners can benefit from ITIL certification. But as it focuses more on the business practices rather than the actual technologies, it is best suited for intermediate and senior level professionals.

Here are several levels of ITIL certification and other supplementary courses as well:

  • ITIL Foundation: Like the name indicates, this is to give the candidate an insight into what ITIL standards are all about. This gets you familiarized with the terminologies and lays a foundation to start building your expertise in ITIL practices. This would help you understand how and where you would be able to use ITIL in your company. 
  • ITIL Practitioner: Once you have completed the Foundation course, the Practitioner level takes you through the actual change management required in your organization and gets you through the metrics and measurements of the process. 
  • ITIL Intermediate: There are several modules to choose from in the Intermediate level certification. Delving deeper into the aspects of ITIL, this one consists of modules in Service Capability and Service Lifecycle.
  • ITIL Expert: Once you have completed all other ITIL modules, this level gives you an in-depth knowledge and takes you through the nuances of the actual structure of ITIL. An extensive testing of your ITIL knowledge would yield you an ITIL Expert certificate. 
  • ITIL Master: If you are already an ITIL expert, the next step is to become an ITIL master. With the knowledge gained in the Foundation to the Expert level certifications, ITIL Master would enable the professional to gain expertise over the application of ITIL in the real business scenario. ITIL Masters can make a great impact in helping the IT division of the company evolve so that the company can achieve great progress.

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