“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel

In the past decade, women have shown a meteoric rise in the job and business sectors. They are now standing on the same platform as their male counterparts and are competing for the same prestigious spots and perks in organizations across the world. Through the power and reforms provided by an advancing society and equal education opportunities, women have overcome all the challenges they previously faced and are now dominating sectors such as mechanical design, aviation, manufacturing, science and research, politics, and information technology, which have typically not been women-centric in nature.

Breaking the Industry Entry Barriers

You name any major sector, and women are making their mark felt in it, right from IT, which has Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook to Science, where Epibone, one of the most popular names in stem cells research, is led by Nina Tandon. India also got its first women fighter pilots in 2016 – Avani Chathurvedi, Bhawana Kanth, and Mohana Singh, who are now role-models for thousands of young women in the country who have dreams of getting into the armed forces. The modern woman has learned that educating herself, sharpening her skills and confidently moving ahead is the best way to break these industry-specific entry barriers. Lack of inspiration, one of the major reasons holding women back earlier, has no basis now with so many women becoming successful and in turn imparting the inspiration for women to get the right platform through a good education and good skillset, and grab the opportunities with both hands.
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Online Courses – The Gateway to Women Fulfilling Their Dreams

Now that the workforce is viewing women employees differently, there are ample opportunities for women out there. So by taking the right steps, women can establish their place in any industry. One of these right steps is finding the right skills that the industry demands, and skilling up to meet them and enhance your resume.
The introduction of e-learning through online education platforms is one of the major revolutions the education industry has seen. It helps professionals all over the world to stay sharp and avoid knowledge obsolescence. Women, in particular, find online education much more convenient. Given the hectic schedule of running the family and managing a job, women hardly find time to attend a classroom course. Time constraint is one main reason that women quote for not taking up new courses. But with online education platforms, they can take up a course of their choice and learn it from the convenience of their home. This is especially a boon for the new mothers on a career gap. To get their career back on track, enrolling themselves for a course gives them a directional approach and makes their resume look better.

The women who were hesitant in taking up courses either because there are very few female students or because of the lack of proper qualified instructors in their location can also conveniently study all what they want by enrolling for online courses. Besides technical courses to help advance their career, there are also non-technical courses that they can take up to follow their passion. Women who have now started carving their niche in the workforce now find online educational platforms a big advantage.

betterU has helped professionals fulfil their dreams by pursuing courses of their choice online. Now along with Pluralsight, there are more than 5000 additional courses added to help sharpen your skills. What’s even better? A simple 5-minute test can test your readiness for a certification to make it easy for you to finalize your necessary certification. There are courses in IT, Software Development, Manufacturing and Design and lots of other areas that can be particularly useful for the women professionals to move ahead in their career. To stay ahead in any field, staying updated with the technology trends is a great place to start. Now that every industry is advancing in every way, women can take up courses to stay on trend with the latest technology. This can give them an edge over the other employees. With online certification courses and the limitless options to choose from, this is even simpler now.

So if a woman can get herself certified and can complete short-term online courses, she can gain the confidence and her resume also looks better in the eyes of her employer. This opens up new job opportunities and improves the chances of promotions and pay hikes. So what are you waiting for? Pick your area of interest – check out the Pluralsight Subscription Courses at betterU now!