Why an Entrepreneur Needs to have Media and PR Skills

A business, especially a new one, is built around the entrepreneur. Unlike a CEO, who takes care of the overall business activities, entrepreneurs need to deep dive and take control of every department and activity in the business until they grow to a certain size and become capable of having team leaders for various functions. For a new business, marketing, media and PR are key functions. It’s unlikely that a new business will begin with a huge marketing budget, therefore it must try to sell itself by exciting prospects through unconventional routes on parameters such as product benefits, features, etc. This is where the business’ founders come in. They must take control of marketing and work towards media and PR aggressively to get their business noticed and talked about. While you could also go with hiring a PR agency or a dedicated marketing team for this initiative, we tell you [...]

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How to Make Your CV Stand Out from the Crowd

If you think the process of cracking an interview begins with the interview itself, you couldn’t be more wrong! The demand for jobs is much higher than their availability, especially for coveted job posts such as design, marketing, analytics and technology solutions. For most jobs, the onus of landing you face to face time with the organization lies on your CV, a document that chronicles almost your entire life and tells the recruiter why they should consider you. This makes your CV probably the most important document in your entire work life, and it deserves more attention to help you land that interview for the job you’ve always been dreaming of! Here are some ways you can make your CV stand out from the clutter: Keep It Simple and Readable: This is the most important and key thing for any candidate to remember. Your CV is not a document that [...]

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5 Common Photography Pitfalls You Must Avoid!

Whether photography is a natural or developed skill is a question that’s been a topic of contention for almost as long as the concept of photography itself. The development in imaging technology as well as the ever-decreasing cost of high-end cameras has turned everyone into an amateur photographer. Gone are the days when only the people with big and expensive DSLRs were considered photographers. Today, high-end mobile cameras are almost equivalent to entry-level DSLRs with features such as optical zoom, stabilization and background blurring built in. Entry level DSLRs are also much more affordable now, meaning that if you’re a photography enthusiast, following your interest is now much easier! Taking a good photograph is a combination of multiple elements, and while some things, like having an eye for the right moment to take a picture come naturally, others can easily be learned! Buying your first high-end camera brings along a [...]

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4 Things Developers Need to Know About Databases

A database, explained simply, is a collection of data. It is easy to get mislead by this simple explanation, because databases can get much more complex than a simple text file with a list of names. In fact, database concepts such as relational database management systems complete with in-built tools provided by some of the world’s leading technology companies form the backbone of most modern websites as well as software. Wherever you look, you’ll find a database – whether it be something as simple as a blog, to something as complex as an ERP system that manages an entire organization. Wherever there is some data that needs to be stored and accessed, databases come into the picture. The area of web development is especially reliant on database because the entire premise of websites is built around the user machine making a request for some kind of content, and the server [...]

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Learn Business English: An Ace Up Your Sleeve

English, without a doubt, is the most acceptable language for business world over, and a strong command of the language along with the ability to communicate well and articulate clearly is essential for climbing up the business ladder. It has been proven time and again that among 2 people with similar technical skills, soft skills such as empathy, language, and the ability to communicate ideas could be the differentiator. However, just a command of the English language itself might not be enough at times. What matters really is your command over “Business English”. Business English, though technically a subset of the English language, doesn’t come naturally or with basic schooling. It is a skill best acquired at the workplace itself. By definition, Business English is an umbrella term for language that pertains to business in general, and to terms that are field specific. This means that Business English in the [...]

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Things You Need to Know About User Experience Fundamentals

If you design a product that people interact with, then you are designing a user experience. If you want your product to be easy to use, engaging, what people expect, and meet the goals of the organization, then you want to make sure you design an optimal user experience. In order to achieve a meaningful and valuable user experience, information must be: Useful: Your content should be original, fulfill a need, and must have high relevance to the topic being talked about or the target user Useable: Site must be easy to use Desirable: Image, identity, brand and other design elements are used to evoke emotion and appreciation Findable: Content needs to be navigable and locatable onsite and offsite Accessible: The content and the website should be designed in a way that there are no barriers for people with disabilities, for example people using a text to speech engine, magnifiers, [...]

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Listen Up: Four Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills

Today’s business environment is intrinsically tied together by ongoing information exchanges between two people. This personal communication is most often facilitated by the spoken word. Understanding this information, as it flows within a dialogue between two people is fundamental to improving one’s selling effectiveness. Hence, it is imperative that you are able to maximise your communication skills, especially active listening skills to engage in successful conversations. Here are a few tips to develop effective listening skills: Effective Listening Tip 1: Listen Attentively Active Listening is to listen without interruptions. Lean forward, face the person speaking directly, nod, smile and be agreeable. When you nod and smile, you encourage them to keep speaking and to expand on their remarks. Initially, it takes tremendous discipline to use effective listening skills, without interrupting someone who is speaking. But over time, as you notice the positive benefits of effective and active listening, you will [...]

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Evolution of Programming Languages

A programming language, simply put, is a set of commands, instructions and other syntax used to create a software program. But when we consider that all the tasks that modern computers can now accomplish are based on programming languages, one can begin to understand and appreciate their importance and complexity. Programming Languages have existed since the beginning of computing technology, and are constantly evolving to become more robust, stable, capable and simple to execute. In order to understand the extent of development a little further, we trace the history of programming languages since their inception right to their modern form: Known as the "Father of Computing" Charles Babbage was a mathematician, philosopher and computer scientist who invented the first programmable computer called the analytical engine. In Babbage's time, numerical tables were calculated by manually. Consequently, there was a really high error rate in the calculation of math tables. Charles Babbage's goal [...]

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How Mind Mapping Can Take You Places

If you’ve ever walked into a board room and seen a large diagram with a bubble in the centre and extending in all directions and been very impressed or confused by it, congratulations, you’ve encountered a mind map. Mind Maps, described simply are diagrams which are used to visually organize information. The beauty of mind maps is in their simplicity and their seeming lack of any kind of limitations. The complication of a mind map can increase as per the complexity of information being represented as well as the complexity of the creator’s mind! In their basic form, mind maps look like sprawling network diagrams that radiate out from a central point. The central bubble contains a label of a general topic, like service-oriented architecture. Lines radiate out from that centre to bubbles representing related concepts (for example governance, service level agreements, lifecycle management, operations, repository, development tools and standards). [...]

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How to Make Your Child Look Forward to School

As an adult, most of us spend time reminiscing about the wonderful times we had at school. It then comes as a surprise when your child doesn’t share any of your enthusiasm about going to school. The key here is to remember your own childhood, and you’ll realize that until a certain age, school wasn’t quite something you looked forward to every morning! There could be several reasons for why your child doesn’t look forward to school, and as a parent it’s absolutely critical that you’re able to identify and deal with your child’s problems. The sooner they start enjoying school, the better they learn and progress towards their overall life goals! Here are some handy tips from betterU to make your youngster look forward to school: Learning Starts Before School Begins Most children hate the idea of school because it’s too much change all at once. Suddenly, they’re separated [...]

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