Essential Communication Skills for Business Growth

Various factors come into play when it comes to business success. Positive communication is a crucial element of business development; entrepreneurs and employers who do not acknowledge this fact often fail to maximize their business’ potential for improvement. Simply put, positive communication should be a top priority if you want to attain success. Clear communication is the key to diminishing conflict and getting everyone on the same page. Good communication is the oil that keeps the workplace machine running smoothly. Effective Communication skills is having the ability to listen carefully, speak clearly and put others at ease which is valuable in any organization and can involve a wide range of skills: Listening attentively to others and showing interest in everything they say Dealing with telephone conversations in an appropriate manner Encouraging interest and interaction from others in your team Expressing an opinion or asking a question clearly and concisely Being able [...]

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Best Marketing Friends Forever: Affiliate Marketing

80% of all global brands are currently using Affiliate Marketing for promoting their products. The technique accounts for 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue, leading to 40% of marketing professionals quoting affiliate marketing as a most desired digital skill. Affiliate Marketing is an essential subject for all digital marketers as well as brands to be aware about. Technically speaking, Affiliate Marketing is a technique where other publishers and websites will promote your business. An affiliate is rewarded every time a visitor, customer or a sale for your business is generated through an advertisement on their website. There are many different ways in which compensation is provided, but the concept remains consistent—you pay them for generating business for you. If a viewer is at the affiliate’s website, and the affiliate doesn’t quite have what they’re looking for, they can easily click over to your website. It’s an increasingly popular technique for [...]

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An Introduction to Appium and Software Testing Automation

Automation has been listed as one of the top information technology trends by reputed analysts and consultants such as Gartner, PwC, Forrester and more for both 2015 and 2016. Automation has helped simplify almost every task across the software development lifecycle, but none has been influenced by automation as much as the process of software testing. Automation Tools are able to run more use cases and explore more scenarios across platforms much faster than humans can, providing unique cost and time savings. At the heart of software testing automation are concepts of code reusability and cross-platform execution. There are several tools in the market today that allow developers and testers to speed up the testing process by automating and executing test cases and scripts. One of the most popular of such softwares is Appium. What is Appium? Appium is an open source test automation tool for mobile applications. It allows you to [...]

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Redefine Gifting with the #FestivalOfLearning!

Festivals are a time when communities come together, forget their differences and celebrate life. The reasons behind the celebration may vary, but the ultimate goal is always to get together with loved ones, let go of negative emotions and make a fresh start. The idea and practice of gifting is pivotal to the idea of festivity and showing your loved ones that you care for them and wish them well. Gifting has evolved over the years from being simple and limited to being highly complex and expensive. With a horde of product and service companies fighting to get maximum eyeballs and sales during the festival season, the underlying principle of wishing your loved ones well by gifting something meaningful is increasingly getting lost. In this modern age of gifting, where the value of gifts is starting to get defined by their price, we are constantly trying to one-up each other [...]

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4 Tips New Game Designers Need to Know Right Now!

The Gaming Industry is an exciting place to be right now. With the overall Gaming Market right at the cusp of crossing the US$ 100 Billion mark and expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% till 2020, it is one of the most lucrative industries for a career. While PC gaming has been the largest revenue generator for the last decade, it is being quickly overshadowed by Mobile Gaming, with new mobile phones having processing and graphic powers comparable to an entry level PlayStation 2. Today, some of the biggest gaming studios are porting their games to mobile, whereas others are moving to a mobile first strategy. Within the gaming industry, there are several career options, including game development, game testing, marketing, project management, etc. But none of these is as attractive as Game Design. In the broadest sense, game design refers to the idea behind a game. But [...]

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Planning Your Personal Finances – Financial Planning 101

Your education in financial planning begins with your first piggy bank. Every time your relatives give you a little something, you gingerly put it away for a rainy day. When you grow up and earn a regular income, the need to save is never more pronounced. But a piggy bank just doesn’t make the cut. This is where planning your finances comes into play. Objectives of Financial Planning: Creation of Income Conservation of Income Investment of Savings for Capital Gain Preparation for Emergency Situations Continuation of Income irrespective of lifespan to ensure Family Security Savings for Retirement What Financial Planning Involves: Growing Your Wealth: This is the activity most commonly thought of when planning finances. Growing your wealth through investment is an area which is covered by a professional financial planner for many generations. A good financial plan will consider your goals and objectives, your investment timeline and your tolerance [...]

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4 Types Of Software Testing You Need To Learn Now!

Software testing is the backbone of any IT product / services company. The industry size is about USD$13 billion globally and is one of the biggest recruiters and job creators in India. Software testing is performed to verify that the completed software package functions according to the expectations defined by the requirements/specifications. The overall objective is to not to find every software bug that exists, but to uncover situations that could negatively impact the customer, usability and/or maintainability. Software testing activities have long been categorized into levels, and two kinds of levels have traditionally been used. The most often used level categorization is based on traditional software process steps. Although most types of software testing can only be done after some part of the software is implemented, tests can be designed and constructed during all software development steps. The most time consuming parts of testing are actually the test design and construction, [...]

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Get More Done in Less Time – How to Be More Productive at Work

Staying energized, focused and productive at work can often become a challenge. Most professionals will hit their lowest productivity during the mid-afternoon time frame where your energy and focus from the morning has vanished and the heavy lunch is causing your eyelids to droop. That’s a situation that not even a coffee or energy drink can get you out of! Low productivity at work could be caused by many factors, including simple and straightforward ones such as distractions, and more complicated ones such as skillset and job requirement mismatches. While the more complicated ones will need deeper introspection, there are several small things that you can incorporate in your daily workday to become a productivity ninja! Let’s look at some of them: Forget the word “Multitask” Multitasking is not a thing; in fact, it's proven to be an ineffectual strategy. You can’t actually focus your attention on more than one [...]

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edX at betterU just became better!

At betterU, we are strongly driven by the aim to provide high quality online education for Indian learners through our partnerships with leading global educators. We are constantly focusing upon fostering new partnerships and enhancing existing relationships so that our subscribers always have the widest range of services to choose from, at their fingertips, enabled by a sophisticated, yet simple platform and user interface. It is with this aim and vision that we are proud to announce – our partnership with edX just got a whole lot bigger and exciting for you! About edX With a strong and noble mission to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere, edX was the ideal partner for betterU. Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX is one of the world’s largest online learning destinations and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) providers. It continues to be founded and governed by colleges and [...]

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6 Most Attractive Industries for Jobs in India

The Indian economy is growing at a robust pace, and has somewhat been able to survive the slump around the world. Most research finds industrial development in India leading to increased hiring. The Government of India is hard at work to generate more jobs and employable citizens through initiatives like Skill India and Digital India. There has also been an increase of almost 40% in FDI inflows between October 2014 and June 2015, which has further pushed the industrial development in India by creating several jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. It is safe to say that the Indian job market is booming, and there’s a strong need to bridge the skill gap that currently exists in the nation so that more and more citizens can benefit and find the best jobs. Here we analyze the industries that are growing fast and are expected to be the drivers of the [...]

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