5 Common Pitfalls of App Development

There are over 5 million apps available between the Android and iOS app stores and the average mobile user has more than 25 applications on their mobile phone that they use on a daily basis, as per statistics portal, Statista. Enterprise Mobility and policies such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have also given a major boost to app development, with every 5 in 10 companies worldwide planning to develop their own enterprise applications and app stores. It is therefore no surprise that Android and iOS app developers are in high demand, with both skills making it to LinkedIn’s list of top 25 skills to get you hired in 2016. However, merely knowing how to develop an application is not enough to make you a leading app developer. There are some common pitfalls, right from UI / UX design, development and back-end compatibility that apps commonly suffer from. It is essential [...]

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How to Stay Relevant

Don’t wait for direction, take initiative to keep evolving and making yourself better. It is important to keep evaluating your role, your field of expertise, and the market relative to your career so that you can stay on top of necessary skills and career trends. Here are a few personal development skills that can put your career, studies and personal growth in high gear: PERSONAL BRAND BUILDING Branding on a business-level is common, but personal branding is becoming just as important these days. Whether you are looking for a better job or trying to grow sales for a company, you want potential bosses and clients to associate your personal brand with a feeling of trust and long-term success and satisfaction. A personal brand will associate you with your field expertise or knowledge and will identify you as an expert professional in your industry. Developing a personal brand could undoubtedly be [...]

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E-Learning – The Right Way

Once you’ve made the decision to take an online learning course, you are already on the path to success. However, E-learning can be tricky waters to navigate, and though it sounds simpler and more convenient than traditional learning, it requires a lot more planning and management on the part of the learner. Here are some tips for you to have smooth sailing and a successful voyage into the world of online education: Choose a Good Program Obviously, the word "good" has many meanings. In this context, it applies to the general attributes of what educators deem solid traits of viable online courses. For example, you should not enroll in a course that uses instructor-to-student e-mail as a sole communication vehicle to send lecture notes for you to read and tests to take and return. A good online learning course has multiple components: regional accreditation for degree-seeking students, knowledgeable and experienced [...]

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Five Ways to Finance Your Startup

India is undergoing a start-up revolution of sorts, with multiple companies springing up in every nook and corner of the nation. Most of them are inspired by and dream to follow-up in the footsteps of Indian unicorns such as Flipkart, Zomato, Ola, InMobi, MuSigma, and more. India’s innovative ideas as well as the ability to execute at low costs has also attracted the interest of institutional investors both from within the country and abroad. Global firms such as Tiger Global and Sequoia have huge investments in Indian companies, as do India’s leading businessmen such as Ratan Tata, N.R. Narayana Murthy, and more. The current start-up funding market is highly crowded and volatile because of the multiple ideas competing for investor cash, as well as the inability of some of the Indian unicorns to turn a profit and sustain business growth. If you’ve got investors lined up outside your office looking [...]

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7 Myths About Online Education

In today's connected world, online education is increasingly becoming the most effective way to learn new skills and better your life. Traditional education models are changing, and people everywhere are discovering that anyone in the world now has access to a world class education with only an internet connection and the desire to improve. However, there is still a lot of misinformation out there concerning what exactly online education is about. Here are 7 myths about online education that should not be believed. Myth Number 1: Online education is too expensive Studying at a traditional school can often be expensive, so many people assume that online courses are the same. This could not be further from the truth. Online schools seek to offer the opportunity for anyone, anywhere to gain knowledge and skills. Courses from world-class institutions are offered at a fraction of their usual cost. The flexibility of online courses [...]

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5 Habits of a Successful Manager

Becoming a good manager can be a dream job for some people. Picture an ideal scenario where you are managing a team, being a leader, delegating work and getting the best results from yourself and your team... Sounds great, right? Good Management, however, is also an extremely complex task where a person is required to manage the expectations of their team, as well as of their own bosses, for whom they are the single point of contact. Additionally, management jobs don’t usually come with a lot of training because there’s no one-way of doing it right. So whether you were promoted internally or brought in from the outside, you are expected to hit the ground running and start fulfilling expectations almost immediately! Here are 5 habits of successful managers across the world, and are a good place to start to improve your managerial abilities: A successful manager leads from the [...]

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Growth in an Organization

The corporate world is a big race, where each employee wants to outdo the other to move up quickly within their career. Every ambitious employee now needs to do more than just their assigned roles and responsibilities for growth and success within organizations. Skill development and qualifications are an important part of the corporate culture, but for quick growth or easy promotion, this is largely incomplete without perception and image management. Growth in a corporate culture is often associated with taking on a managerial position, where one or more employees report to you and you’re responsible for managing their work, activities, and goals as well as your own. Career growth can typically be categorized into 3 phases: Complete tasks to meet the expectations of your superiors. Collaborate and work with your team members to achieve business objectives. Lead & manage team to achieve business goals. Your growth within an organization [...]

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Top 5 Online Training Courses in the Indian Job Market

The Indian Job market is constantly evolving and there is a need to keep updating one’s skills to stay relevant. A simple, dedicated graduation or post graduation degree is not enough in the modern world, and it is only through online training courses that professionals can differentiate themselves and break the mold. We have compiled a list of the most lucrative and popular online training courses for professionals that help in honing the skill set that is in demand in the Indian job market today: Digital Marketing Courses: Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing has already taken the entire world by storm, with companies trying to outwit each other by coming up with quirky and innovative campaigns. And that’s just one side of the picture, the real game lies in Search Engine Marketing, with companies competing fiercely with each other to win the war of the search engine advertisements. As [...]

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How Technology is Changing The Way We Study

Technology has become such a ubiquitous part of our lives that we don’t even stop to pay attention to how much it has changed and is continuing to change the way we live. Whether it is communicating with a friend, doing business, eating a meal, or taking a vacation, technology has revolutionized the way we do it, for the better. The way we learn has also been heavily influenced by the use of technology, helping us educate ourselves in ways we never imagined possible. Here we talk about some of the ways education is helping us unlearn and re-learn the process of learning itself: Death of the Classroom: Learning was always associated with sitting in a classroom and taking notes as a teacher used a blackboard to illustrate concepts, which would then typically be followed by going home and completing an assignment. Now, thanks to the beauty of technology, students [...]

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