Saying that a LinkedIn profile is important is an understatement. Whether you are a recent graduate, an active jobseeker or a professional, having a LinkedIn profile is the best tool for personal brand. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a bigger and better digital version of your business card and resume.

Build Your Personal Brand:

To portray yourself as a professional in today’s job market, building and maintaining a LinkedIn profile is an excellent start. The site’s benefit is that you can do more than just list your job experiences, project details, and professional skills. For instance, while you may go into detail regarding your roles and responsibilities that highlight your professional background, LinkedIn has other great features that will help recruiters to understand if you are a suitable candidate. The Featured Skills and Endorsements is a built-in reference that reaffirms with recruiters that you do, in fact, have the skills required for the job. Asking your connections to endorse your skill set is a great way to stand out with recruiters. Right from the bio to the skills and interests you add, every field in your profile counts. Also, remember to add a good quality professional photograph!

Professional Networking Opportunity:

LinkedIn is designed for professional networking. With millions of professionals using the site, when used right, LinkedIn will act as a catalyst to build your professional network. You can follow your favorite companies to keep abreast of job opportunities. You can also connect with your colleagues, recruiters and other professionals in your industry. Connecting to your current network and building new connections gives you better career opportunities. By filling out a detailed profile, including your job preferences and areas of interests, LinkedIn also notifies you of jobs openings that match your profile.

Keep Up With Industry News:

LinkedIn has thousands of active companies on its platform, which makes it an incredibly useful tool for keeping up with industry news. For example, if a company you follow posts a new job opening or a new skill on demand LinkedIn updates you with the latest news and industry trends. You can also find informative articles and inspirational advice from industry leaders. Even better, you can showcase your thought leadership by responding to posts and articles that you read, which can set you apart from other individuals. LinkedIn, thus poses as a channel for career counselling India because its service helps to you to keep on top of the career trends of the job market.

A Great Job Search Tool:

Instead of concentrating on your LinkedIn profile only when you are actively looking for a job, it’s important to take the time to update it regularly. Add new accolades, skills or certifications to remain top of mind with your connections and to showcase your achievements. You can also view the skills on demand which will help you with your career path focus. Personalized job alerts are delivered to your inbox. Unlike other job search platforms, LinkedIn is better at sending you personalized job alerts, filtering job listings and finding the best jobs in India listed directly by recruiters and firms.

If you are still unclear about the path ahead in your career, take the Paddle assessment or AMCAT tests to help you focus on your next career move. Assessment tools will give you a better idea about where you are in your industry and how to best forward to in your career.