Why You Need Online Courses, Even If You Have A Degree

You're considering an online course, but you're wondering why you would need it. You already have a degree. You bought into the old formula that degree = job...

You’re considering an online course, but you’re wondering why you would need it. You already have a degree. You bought into the old formula that degree = job. It’s true that all you used to need was a degree from a respected university and your future with a good job was guaranteed. But times have changed, and a degree is no longer enough to secure your future career success.

India’s Skill Gap

In India, only 12% of university applicants get a seat at an institution. What are the other 88% of students who graduated higher secondary supposed to do for their future? Especially when even the applicants who are accepted to university are struggling to find jobs after graduation.

By The Numbers

  • A 2011 study estimated that only 25% of Indian engineering graduates were skilled enough to be employable.
  • An even more alarming study by Aspiring Minds of over 36,000 engineering students in India showed that less than 5% of candidates could write the correct logic for a program, a basic requirement of any job in the field.
  • A huge majority of young adults lack the skills to qualify for any employment after graduation from secondary and post-secondary studies.
  • According to a National Survey Sample of 470 million youth, only 10% of young people of working age in India receive any kind of skills training at all.

This leaves a huge portion of youth in India unprepared for any skilled work, and unlikely to have a fulfilling future.

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Even with a post-secondary degree, the education system’s focus on rote learning and memorisation leaves most graduates unskilled and unemployable in the field they thought they were training to join. This reality is reflected in India’s youth unemployment rate of 13.2% for people 18 – 29 years of age, higher than the global average. In a country the size of India, that equals out to millions of unemployed young adults.

Graduates Need Skills And A Degree

While a degree clearly gives you some advantage, it’s really having skills that gets you a job:

  • Around 66% of recent graduates of Indian universities felt unprepared for their first job, and especially felt that they lacked knowledge of their industry and working life in general.
  • The government’s Skill India initiative recognizes this huge gap and is working to make training accessible to everyone.
  • Skilling 500 million people by 2020 is an ambitious undertaking, but critical when India is about to receive a demographic dividend where 65% of the population will be under 35 and in the workforce.

Online Skills Development

Online courses will be the real game changer in such a diverse and geographically large country as India. While online courses were not widely accepted credentials just a decade ago, they have come to the forefront of education as the most promising solution to skill India’s youth.
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The Real Value

A significant 82% of people who take online courses receive career advancement opportunities, and an even larger 91% of Indians who take an online course benefit in some way from supplementing their learning with online education. Though a degree is very helpful on your resume, companies know that freshers almost always lack the professional and soft skills needed to do the job and they hesitate to hire someone with just a degree. Your resume’s value increases when you add skills, and the most accessible way to get skilled for most busy people is online. With a wide range of online courses available, any career path can be furthered online. The traditional areas for online learning, like programming, business or technology are very mature and have many options from very respected global institutions. More than just the traditional tech-related fields, you can even find accredited technical training for the construction industry and other vocational training online now. Whether your education is a certificate in carpentry or a Master’s in engineering, there are online courses that will give you the skills you need to make your resume stand out.

Life-long Learning

Your quest for education should not end after university but should continue throughout your career to stay ahead and make sure you are always a top candidate that employers want. Use online education to help you get there and make lifelong learning your competitive edge.